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Real life issues and conversations.
Accountant, Writer & Lover of creativity.

The writer’s expressions is a blog created by Anike Disu, to share and express her talents, writing and creativity  to her generation and beyond.

This blog is dedicated to writing about real issues that people are facing but are too afraid to have conversations about these issues due insecurities or the “FEAR”of being judged.

This blog is also dedicated to creating content that would help young adults like me grow in their spiritual walk with God. There will be content focused on who God is, daily declarations to guide and up-lift you in your spiritual walk and many other materials to help you have a quality relationship with your Heavenly Father.

The writer’s expression started because the content creator felt that her work deserved a platform to be displayed on. She also felt that a lot of people are finding it difficult to have a consistent relationship with God, which makes them backslide, as many do not know how to re-connect or even pick from where they stopped.

I hope you enjoy the content here and it encourages you to be you and be a better version of yourself.