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  • December 29, 2019
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I am your God

I am your father

I am with you

I am true

I am just

I am able

I am faithful

I am listening

I am a God who changes your situation

I am a God who makes impossibilities possible

I am a God who delivers you from infirmities and wicked powers

I am compassionate

I am your provider

I am your defender

I am your protector

I am your strength

I am the restorer of your soul

I am with you in your darkest time

I am omnipotent (all powerful)

I am omniscience (all knowing)

I am omnipresent (I am everywhere)

I am a God who “enters into your story, working behind, above everything in the world to show you my glory”

God is your strength;

Your strength at your darkest hour

Your strength when you can no longer handle life’s pressures

Your strength when you have failed over and over and you have no more fight in you.

God is your provider, your helper, your saviour and your God!!

God is a God who will show up when you need Him and you least expect Him too. He shows up all the time, He has got your back for life.

God is I AM!!!




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