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A city we call home.

A city we call home.

  • September 23, 2020
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A city in Nigeria; A place millions of Nigerians all call home.

The city of the masses.

The city of my birth.

The city that made me.

The city which taught me to love myself.

The city were my ancestors relocated to and my forebears and I call home.

The city which comes alive in the night-time.

The city which never sleeps.

The city which lights people up; inspires, motivates, empowers.

The city which we all have a love and hate relationship.

The city that accepts you for who you are.

A city with authenticity.

A city which sucks all you patience and sometimes humanity.

A city which allows you to be your authentic true self which no limits, no judgements, no barriers.

A city where dreams are dreamt, achieved and fulfilled.

A city where people express their madness, their feelings.

A city with no limits.

A city of hustlers, achievers, talents.

A city of the unruly.

A city of rich culture.

A city where the traffic is so consuming, breath-taking, suffocating, but yet entertaining.

A city where people leave their cities, their homes to be hustlers, achievers, successful and now call it home.

A city which people call the land of milk and honey.

These are the qualities unique to the city we all call home, the city called LAGOS.

The land that moves mountains and bring unexpected opportunities and gifts to the open hearted.


A city I call home.

A city who mothers everyone who needs motivation, love, and a success story.

A city like no other.

My home.

My roots.


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