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  • December 28, 2019
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Darkness “The partial or total absence of light” (Dictionary)

Darkness “Being stuck on the same spot or locked in a room full of disappointments, failures, struggles, non-achievements or stagnation” (A.O.D)

Darkness, darkness is all I see, left, right, and center. I move ten steps further, I walk into darkness.

The people around me look and all they see is light. God sees light in me, but I cannot seem to see what they see. I don’t see the light because of what my perception is of light is.

Light is;

“A person with a great destiny”,

“A person bursting with greatness”,

“A person who’s star shines all around the earth, who is constantly winning”

I realise that my mind can’t process God’s perception of light for my life because my mind has been clouded by what the world’s definition of light is.

The world’s definition of light and purpose;

Materialism “Money, cars, career progression and designer brands”

The pressure, the constant pressures from social media and peers, makes us, you and I underestimate who we are.

I, we, you cannot see what God has put in front of us.

Reflections/ Mediating;

As I start to mediate and reflect, I realise that we all have these problems, we all have these insecurities, that we feel like we are in a dark place, we are not doing enough, we are not enough, we are not walking in our purpose, we don’t feel like we are making progress.

We compare ourselves to the next individual.

But we are not the next individual, we don’t have the same purpose, destiny, calling or talents. God has made everyone of us differently, he hasn’t deposited the same gifts in you and I.

You are your own unique self so why would you constantly compare something that is so unique. It cannot be compared, that’s the whole point of uniqueness, it is incomparable.

God has set you apart; your joy, purpose, destiny and ministry.

Insight to God;

God’s ways are not our ways. His WILL for our lives always exceeds what we want or need for ourselves.

God will not give us what we want in the way we except Him to. He is a God who does things in an extra-ordinary way, mind blowing way, a way that we can never imagine.

You might think that your life is a dark road, but it’s not. Your life is just getting started, it is on the way to becoming the brightest star on this earth that shines and shines and nothing can ever dime your light.

God takes us through dark times to develop us, build us. In those times we learn patient, we learn endurance, we learn what it truly means to depend on God, and most of all we exercise our faith.

Those times shape you, it brings out the true gem in you, it allows you to truly know who you are, why you were created and what you can be. These times stretch you, they define you, they get you ready for what God has destined you to be.

Final Words:

You should not see where you are as a dark road you should see it as a stepping stone, a road of growth, recovery and greatness.

Be the one that defines your darkness, do not let it define you. Grow with it and shape your darkness into light.

Be an overcomer, you were born to shine.

Be the star that you were born to be.

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