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The beauty and ashes of life

The beauty and ashes of life

  • September 23, 2020
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We all come into the world with our first breathe, unknown with the unknown.

The unknown becomes family

Family becomes love

Love turns friendships into sisterhoods, brotherhoods.

Brotherhoods and sisterhoods become a way of living, a way of impacting, inspiring and motivating others.

We come into this world with the unknown unknown, we leave this world at an unknown time and sometimes with unknown reasons.

Life is full of beauty and ashes, we love so deeply, we lose so suddenly——- the ashes and mystery of life.

Life teaches us that we must love, respect each and every one we come across because life is so beautiful yet too short.

You never know when the unknown slowly creeps up on you.


The unknown:

  • Comes and sweeps the ones we love.
  • Breaks our hearts, shattering it into irrecoverable pieces that never truly heal.
  • Makes us start living in memories when we crave for the reality; we want to touch, feel, hear, hug and love the departed souls we would forever cherish.
  • Makes you appreciate what you had and makes you re-evaluate how you treat people, how you can make an impact.
  • Makes you see life in a different lens.


We all come into the world in the unknown and leave in a mystery; the unknown.

Ps: remember to always check up on the ones you love and tell them how much they mean to you.


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