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The Pandemic that knows no limits

The Pandemic that knows no limits

  • April 05, 2020
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We are separated  by language. 

We are separated by boarders, which require visas, passports, green cards and residence permits.

We are separated by our cultures.

We are separated by time zones. 

We are separated by distance, miles and kilometres. 

We are separated by power.

We are separated by social class. 

Even with all these separations, a minute virus has the ability to travel to every society like a plague and destroy lives in the same deadly way.

This is a reminder that no matter the distance, barriers of language, seperated boarders, time zones;

We are human. 

We are all fragile. 

We are all equals; power or social class is irrelevant. 

We were created in the same way, by the same God.

We breathe the same way. 

We have the same ecological systems.

In this trying times let us remember to pray for one another especially our leaders.

Show each other love.

Check up on one another constantly.

Most importantly be safe. Practice self isolation and social distancing, this is very important if you want to show love to both yourself and your neighbours. 

Let us prevent the spreading of this deadly disease further.

Be safe

Love A.O.D 

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