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My source of strength

My source of strength

  • February 12, 2020
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I am your source of strength.

I am your protector, I protect the poor and vulnerable.

I am a father to the homeless, motherless and fatherless.

I am your defender, I defend the defenseless.

I am your light at the darkest hour and road.

I am the restorer of your soul.

I will lead you beside the still waters and through the parts of righteousness.

You shall fear no evil because I am with you, I am your God, your father.

I will prepare a table before your enemies, you shall rejoice because you are my child, you shall know no evil or fear anyone, because you are strong, you draw your strength from me.

I will anoint your head with oil and your cup shall keep flowing all the days of your life, your cup shall never run dry like an ocean who never runs out of water.

I shall shine through you and your light shall shine through the world.

I will be with you, I will protect you.

I am God, I am your father.

Remember my promises to you, keep them close to your heart.

Adapted from Psalm 23


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